WIWU UA301 4USB & Universal Plug Adapter 5.6A

Available Product Code: CHAUNI-WIWUUA301-TC4U

WIWU UA301 4USB & Universal Plug Adapter 5.6A

Product Description

  • Suitable for charging in most countries
  • Small and lightweight: portable and lightweight.
  • Consists of 4USB Type-C port: Multiple ports at the same time fast charge 
  • Suitable for a variety of devices
  • Maximum output 5. 6A
  • Pin storage safely: Press and hold the square button while pushing the pins until the pins are fully recovered. This operation is safer and safer to use.
  • Identify matching current: Automatically identify the device and match the current to truly protect the device

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: WIWU
  • Model Number: UA301
  • Product Name: Global Communication Socket
  • Executive standard: GB/T9254 2008
  • Material: PC
  • Single USB: 5V crane 2.4MAX
  • Total output: 5V crane 5.6MAX
  • Parameter specification: input: 100 240V-50/60HZ800mA

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